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Onslaught > Help

There's plenty to play with in Onslaught but a little knowledge of of the inner workings can go a long, long way. Reading the hints and tips in here will improve your experience

Welcome to Onslaught!

The attackers are coming! They're trying to fight their way into Area 51 and it's up to you to build the defences and stop them getting in!

There's a cash bounty on the head of every attacker and each wave is tougher than the last. Use your earnings to upgrade your defences and keep the attackers at bay.

How do I defend my base?

By building weapons like these:

What do they do?

How can I make my defences stronger?

By upgrading your weapons or by using modifier turrets:

What do they do?

How do I use combo weapons?

By grouping together weapons and upgrading their damage to the max.

How do I do that? What combos are available?

Are there any more weapons?

Absolutely! There are 16 weapons to choose from, each having a special ability. Some are super weapons, some are utility turrets and some have very odd properties. Keep playing the game to unlock the extra turrets.

Let's see what the turrets do.